Also called FontPlays, what you'll find here are pieces of art showcasing some of the great typefaces Fontzilla has collected over the years. Click on the thumbnail image to see a larger one. Do not link to the images. People have been doing that and busting our bandwidth limit!

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Font Art

Below are a few of my more recent works. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image:

We lost one of my favorite authors in 2012, Ray Bradbury. I did this piece as a tribute to him. The photo comes from stock.xchng, with some cropping and photo manipulation. The quote from Bradbury is set in ITC American Typewriter. appropriate for an author from his generation.

It's almost Christmas, so time for a new Christmas piece. I've always loved the Art Deco-inspired reindeer. This image is a composite of several stock images, but with a red nose added to the reindeer. The text is set in KonTiki Enchanted JF, but the flourish under it is a graphic.

For Thanksgiving 2012, I whipped up a new piece. The image comes from stock.xchng and the verse is set using Adobe's Florens LP, a lovely face.


The photo came from I couldn't find one of ten kids! The main portion of the anonymous quote is set in Adobe's Birch Std while the word "Mother" is set in Chopin Script by Dieter Steffmann.

The photo also came from (it's a great resource!). The child's sad face and mother's embrace were perfect. I applied some artistic filters to give it some texture. The Yiddish proverb is set in Adobe's Florens LP with a few letters in the alternate face.

The photo came from I isolated the core portion, applying a motion blur to the rest. The quote is set in Hallmark's StarBabe Bold.


Men and their remotes! Another photo from — I just flipped it to make more room for the quote, set in Velvet Script by Typadelic.


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